About Us


In the earlier time, mental wellness has been stigmatized and stereotyped which even leads to discrimination and fear of acceptance in society. Now, with the evolution of education and awareness, the importance of mental wellness is being widely recognized, supported and accepted. Pertaining to it, UTPeers has created an initiative through yourspace.my as the intervention of advocating on stress management and emotional uplifting among youth based on the De-Stress For Success model that has been internally developed by UTPPCS. This website is designed as a space for the public, especially the youth to learn, discuss, address, share and contribute to mental health.

Introduction to UTPeers and UTPPCS

“Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.” – Muhammad Ali.

What first come to mind as the name of Universiti Teknologi Petronas is mentioned are the professionalism, technical works, machine, details and statistics. In its own plan to sculpt and carve the path of learners towards the industrial and business world, concepts concerning human nature, emotions and human frailty are worried to be ignored and neglected. As the feeling of fatigue, exhaustion and distress may sprout due to their endless competition of achieving certain standards of perfection, ideal results and flawless data, the avid learners might forget the need to tend to their own well-being – some may afraid to ask for help and some may not even know how to. Taking an inceptive measure to help, UTP Psychological and Counselling Services (UTPPCS) has resorted in creating a support group with the name of ‘’UTPeers’’ to deliver constant reminders and to provide an encouraging environment through constructive activities. Not only being a bridge to help connect the student with the psychologist and counselors, these UNDERSTANDING and TRUSTWORTHY peers are also working hand in hand to aid the students on the awareness of mental health. UTPeers are now moving forward to grow and expand as an influential support group to reach out to the community.