De-Stress For Success: Tackle It

Tackle It Stage

There will be a time when we need someone to talk but what stops us from sharing is a thought on, “Will I burden them if I were to share my issues?” 

I am not sure, how does this belief subconsciously developed in our thoughts. Then it leads to the idea of suppressing the issues because we do not want to burden others.  

 Stephen Covey in his million-selling book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People suggestthat humans have three stages to go through which are: 1) dependent, 2) independent, and interdependent. From this perspective, I am sure as much as being independent is important we also could not deny that humans have limitations thus we have to work collaboratively in achieving greater personal mission.  

This is supported by an article in 2007 with the topic of Social Support and Resilience to Stress that positive social support of high quality can promote resilience to stress, or other trauma or medical-related issue.  

So, De-Stress for Success suggest in the Tackle It stage to find a person that you trust to talk about your issues. Set a time and informed the trusted listeners to have your ‘me’-time with them. A truest friend is a friend who trusts themselves and can be trusted. 

Those who prefer not to open up you may immerse yourself in your diary. And creativity may lead you to write poems, stories, or doodles. We provide a guide as a guide to tackle the issue from the Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Perspective 

What about writing your thoughts on Facebook walls, Twitter, Instagram? Well, not every time you will be supported, worst, you may cyber-bullied. 

In Trust Yourself stage, we learn about being present, so, focus on your feelings and backtrack how does it bring you to unusual feelings. You can jot down your behaviors and thoughts about it. And here, a critical point, to balance your thoughts, it is a sign of letting unpleasant emotion exist without a wish to banish and with a desire to learn how to use them to become emotionally and socially stronger. 

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