De-Stress For Success: Turn For Help

 Stage 2: Turn For Help

Rationally, when we encounter an issue that seems impossible to solve, we will seek help from a professional.  

Such as, our laptop broke down, so we will find an individual who good at repairing the laptop. Or when we challenge ourselves to improve our skills in cooking, we may go to YouTube and search for it. Yes, we will seek the right professionals in solving our issue. 

What about emotional and mental wellness issues? Have you ever wonder about this issue? There is where helping professionals such as Counsellor, Psychologist and Psychiatrist came in. The help will be handled with confidentiality. You will be assisted, and they believe in everyone is unique, so they accept you non-judgmentally.  

But then again, when we are choosing the right professional, we may be based on the experience, testimonials to believe in their offers so we are able to solve it in the right manner. And, human biases, limited knowledge may lead to false help such as a scam. So make sure to find the right one.  

And later, if you think that your friend needs to be meet up with the experts you may learn to recognize important signs for early offering helps, because helping professionals are not only for those who want, they are for everyone who in need.  


List of Professional Helps for Emotional & Mental Wellness in Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS 



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