Grow With Youth Training

In this training workshop, 10 students from various universities had been chosen to prepare for a Roadshow! This workshop has a meaningful discussion through idea sharing. On top of this, participants get to received valuable inputs from speakers on Mindfulness and Listening skills that they can incorporate during the Talk to Peers session in the Roadshow.

Talk To Peers Roadshow

Youth are welcomed to talk on their issues in a safe place in the presence of the trained facilitators which we call them ‘Listeners’. Not only instilling the positive value among the peers, this Roadshow also aims to provide emotional support among them in addressing their unspoken issues.

Grow With Youth Forum

This forum’s main theme is “Turn for Help”. Now and then, everyone needs someone by their side. This event gave a reliable insights from professionals regarding different issues, such as Relationsips and Academics. What they gain from this will most definitely help them in the long run!