De-stress For Success: Treat Others

Treat Others Stage

In Tackle It stage, we encourage you to share your stories with the people that you trust. Why, because it is prevalent that social support improves your resilience.  

And treating others creating an opportunity for you to share and give support to others as well. Plus, we are social creatures. We live to complete each other. Let’s not forget to always say thank you and smile for every good deed that someone had done. We want people to increase their inner drive or internal motivation to do things, by positive reinforcement. A meaningful reinforcement is when it comes in truest form and a pure heart.  

Other way of treating others is by creating or joining any society, clubs or community to do volunteering projects. Well, be part of an organization takes us for a bigger movement to helps bigger community. At times of nothing suits you, grab some food and treat your family or friends.  

We know UTP community loves to do charity and volunteering activities. So, we also want to thank all your effort because you had impacted one’s life. Treating others could be at your personal or societal level. We not counting how big your contribution is, but we go for continuity and persistency. Share good things every day!

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