De-stress For Success: Trust Myself

Stage 1 : Trust Myself

Does anyone remember what is the first action when we have started being emotional?  

We rarely remembered! Why? 

Because, we are not fully-engaged with ourselves and drove away by the emotion. This situation is oppose to mindfulness practices where promoting calm and conscious about things we say, act and think.  

However, being mindful is a process to progress. Behaviour modifications need at least 60 days by research. This not includes when days that we are just do not want to become one. 

Let’s encourage change by having a mindset of one-steps-at-a-time.  

So for a a start, I choose breathing for us to practice mindfulness.  

Breathing, we do this all the time, without thinking. Interestingly, by research, breathing is one of non-medication approach, used to promote instant relaxation.  

 To get relax, we give you to practice breath with these three steps:  

  1. Inhale through your nostrils for 8 seconds. 
  2. 2.Hold your breath for 4 seconds 3.
  3. Exhale slowly though you mouth for 7 seconds 

The richness of this exercise lies in your readiness to be patient, feeling the calmness by closing eyes, and get a safe area without any disturbing voices.  

Be in the moment. Bring your attention to the presence through this breathing exercise 

You may get stuck out of hard exam questions, your relationship getting tight, hurts by words or being judge.  

Allow yourself to not be responsive by first practicing 8,4,7, a simple breathing technique and repeat for a few times.  

It leads you to be rationale for your action.  

Take Care! 

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